Thursday, April 28, 2011

SCBWI Western Washington conference 2011

What a wonderful weekend at the SCBWI Western Washington conference!  In some ways I was looking for a bit of a guidepost saying that I was on the right track, and I found that.  Corny as it sounds, sometimes it is just nice to get a good response from people.  That's what I miss, spending hours wading through photoshop in my office.

My portfolio placed in the show, and my manuscript actually got honored as one of the most promising WIPs!  I arrived terrified and left feeling like I'd won the conference--not least because of the awesome folks I met there. 

Last year, I had just spend a weekend selling art at a convention in Seattle and was completely destroyed--plus, I had rushed my portfolio and hadn't really been able to add and new pieces.  I really didn't talk to any of the attendees let alone any of the guests.  What a loss!

This year I devoted a couple months to improving and laying out my new portfolio, and I rested up a bit beforehand.  It was so worth it; I'm thrilled to be in contact with the other authors and illustrators I met (you know who you are) and can't wait to see how their projects progress.